Finding a writing rhythm that works for you

Happy Saturday, everyone! I thought I’d incorporate posts on craft in this blog. Hopefully, you’ll find some tips and information to help you on your own writing journey.

I’ve found a certain groove recently and have been more productive than in recent months. Carving out a specific writing time, shutting out the internet, and writing in different spaces have all helped in focusing me on the work. With that structure and focus, I’ve actually found my creativity blossom instead of dwindle. 

Different processes for different writers. There’s no right or wrong way, despite what you might read in well-meaning articles floating around the internet! Some writers need white noise in the background while others need activity going on around them, such as writing in a cafe or coffeehouse, and then there are those who need utter silence, like me. Different, but the same, because we’re all using what works for us and making the time to write. 

I used to get frustrated when I didn’t meet a certain word count each day and that hindered me, not helped me, because I’d lose focus and shut down from writing anything. Yes, if I have a deadline I need to meet, breaking it down into a daily word count helps. But I also realized that ALL writing is writing: notes, research, outlining, character worksheets, world building, and of course, drafting. All of it is a part of the process and none of it should be discounted or described as “not writing”. These components may not be a part of the actual word count, but they are necessary and helpful and even creative. 

I’ve incorporated these pieces into my daily writing times, so that I can flesh out new ideas and keep those simmering while I finish my current WIP. I also find that even when I’m drafting, sometimes I have to go back and tweak my notes or outline to fit, or fix, the story I’m telling. Things change as you’re writing. New ideas pop up or unexpected twists and turns happen as the story and characters evolve on the page. 

For me, changing my mindset and finding a focused structure really helped my writing. Change is good and finding what works may take a few tries, but the results are well worth it!

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