Refilling the creative well

In today’s post I thought I’d share something on creativity, or more specifically, the lack thereof. After recently competing one WIP, I found myself struggling to start the next. A discussion came up with some writing friends, where we were talking about how sometimes the words just flow and other times, not so much. So, what do you do when the creative well runs dry?

Personally, there are a few things that help me. Sometimes I read in a different genre than my usual favorite. I workout or take a walk. Even swapping the computer screen for a TV screen and watching a few shows or a movie can get my mind wandering again. 

I read an article about refilling the well and some of the ideas resonated with me. This comes from the Thinking Through Our Fingers blog, which was put together by various editors and writers. While the blog is no longer active, it is still up as a resource. Hope you find it helpful and if you have tips to share, please do!

When Your Thinking Well Runs Dry

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